Hi, I’m Ryan.

Welcome to Inhabit, a practice devoted to helping people strengthen their inner resources through acupuncture, herbalism, and meditation.


While I treat a wide range of imbalances—from pain to digestive disorders to gynecological issues—my primary focus is mental-emotional health.

My typical client is an adult or teen dealing with such issues as anxiety, depression, panic, grief, anger, and addiction.

I also have a special interest in chronic parasitic illnesses, including tick-borne diseases like Lyme.

About Acupuncture

Ancient Chinese scientists carefully observed the natural world around them, and they recognized correlations between their surroundings and human physiology. So, when they saw…

About Chinese Herbalism

Classical Chinese herbalism is quintessentially allopathic: if the person is “too much” in one direction, the herbalist prescribes herbs that are “too much” in the opposite direction…

About Meditation

Things are always changing—they’re impermanent, inconstant, and therefore unreliable. And so, when we attach to things, it causes us stress and suffering, because…

The name “Inhabit” represents the capacity to fully reside in our present-moment experience, with direct access to all of our intelligence and vitality.  

Very often, we live “partial” lives. We make a habit of living in compromised states—tensed, contorted, disconnected. When our bodies and minds feel unreliable, unsafe, and uncomfortable, we tend to seek escape through outer distractions and neurotic mental activities.

How can we transform our experience?

I help people cultivate the skill of re-inhabiting their lives, so as to develop and deepen sanity and ease. I teach tools that empower and illuminate, including forms of meditation that strengthen the ability to find safe haven in the body. And, as a practitioner of East Asian medicine, I give acupuncture treatments and prescribe herbs, which can ignite and bolster a person’s inner resources.


“Ryan is amazingly good at creating herbal formulas, at acupuncture treatments, and at explaining the deeper roots to illness and healing — he is so articulate and compassionate and knowledgeable. I travel and have seen many practitioners over the years — Ryan is one of the very best!”